Terry Wogan

Irish-British Radio Broadcaster
Television Gameshow Host

Terry Wogan Gameshow Host


Sir Terry Wogan was a beloved Irish broadcaster and television personality known for his warm and engaging presence on the airwaves. Among his numerous contributions to the world of television, he hosted the iconic game show “Blankety Blank” and played a role in the long-running dance competition series “Come Dancing.”

Early Life

Terry Wogan, born Michael Terence Wogan, entered the world on August 3, 1938, in Limerick, Ireland. His early life would lay the foundation for his future success as a prominent broadcaster and television personality. Wogan’s wit and charming personality began to shine through at an early age, setting the stage for his remarkable career in the entertainment industry.

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“Blankety Blank”

One of Terry Wogan’s most celebrated television ventures was his role as the host of the popular game show “Blankety Blank.” The show, which first aired in 1979 and ran for many years, featured a simple yet entertaining format. Contestants were presented with sentences with key words missing, and they had to fill in the blanks to create humorous and often absurd phrases.

The heart of the show lay in the comedic responses from the celebrity panelists and the contestants themselves. The panelists, including notable comedians and entertainers, would offer their answers to complete the sentences, and the contestants had to decide if they agreed with the panelists or came up with their own answers.

Terry Wogan’s role as the host was instrumental in making “Blankety Blank” a cherished part of British television. His friendly and humorous demeanor, along with his effortless ability to engage with contestants and panelists, contributed to the show’s success. Wogan’s witty banter and rapport with the celebrities and contestants added a layer of charm to the program. His phrase, “Is it a right answer, is it a blank?” became an iconic catchphrase of the show.

“Blankety Blank” provided viewers with light-hearted entertainment and a good dose of laughter, and Terry Wogan’s contribution as the host was invaluable to the show’s enduring popularity.

“Come Dancing”

Terry Wogan’s involvement with “Come Dancing” was a different facet of his television career. Although he was not the host of this program, his participation added to the show’s cultural significance. “Come Dancing” was a televised dance competition that began in the 1940s and became a prominent fixture in British television. The show involved amateur dance couples competing in various dance styles.

Wogan’s role in “Come Dancing” was as a commentator, providing insights and narrating the events for the viewers. His commentary helped make the show more engaging and accessible to the audience, fostering an appreciation for dance. While the series eventually evolved into “Strictly Come Dancing,” Terry Wogan’s contribution to the earlier version was notable.

Legacy and Impact

Terry Wogan’s legacy in the world of television is marked by his ability to connect with audiences, whether through the humor of “Blankety Blank” or his commentary on “Come Dancing.” His warm and relatable on-screen persona endeared him to viewers, making him a beloved figure in the realm of entertainment.

“Blankety Blank” remains one of the iconic British game shows, and Terry Wogan’s tenure as the host left an indelible mark on its history. His unique brand of humor and friendly interaction with contestants and panelists made the show a memorable part of television history.

As for “Come Dancing,” Wogan’s commentary contributed to the show’s longevity and impact. His skill in presenting the dance competition helped create a deeper connection between the viewers and the art of dance, a legacy continued by “Strictly Come Dancing.”


Sir Terry Wogan’s contributions to British television, including his hosting of “Blankety Blank” and commentary on “Come Dancing,” reflect his enduring influence on the medium. His charismatic and humorous presence remains a source of fond memories for audiences, and his legacy as a beloved television personality is an integral part of the entertainment industry’s history.