Alex Zane

British Gameshow Host
Television Presenter and DJ

Alex Zane Gameshow Host


Alex Zane is a British television presenter, comedian, and actor celebrated for his witty and charismatic presence on screen. His career has spanned various facets of entertainment, showcasing his versatility as a host. In this biography, we explore Alex Zane’s career, with a particular emphasis on his roles in shows like “Balls of Steel,” and his hosting of unique game shows “Cash Cab,” “Copycats,” and “101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow.”

Early Life and Career

Born on March 3, 1979, in Leeds, West Yorkshire, Alex Zane initially launched his career as a stand-up comedian. His distinctive comedic style and quick wit soon caught the attention of television producers, propelling him into the world of television.

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“Balls of Steel”

Alex gained widespread recognition as the host of “Balls of Steel,” a daring and unconventional British comedy show that featured a range of outlandish and often hilarious stunts performed by comedians and pranksters. Alex’s role as the host involved introducing the acts and providing comedic commentary, contributing to the show’s edgy and irreverent style.

Alex Zane TV Shows

Other Shows

Alex also ventured into hosting game shows, including “Cash Cab,” where contestants unknowingly entered his taxi and answered questions for cash prizes during the ride. He further hosted “Copycats,” a children’s show celebrating mimicry and humor, and “101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow,” a high-stakes game show challenging contestants to answer trivia while facing wild and unexpected eliminations.


With his dynamic hosting roles in shows like “Balls of Steel,” “Cash Cab,” “Copycats,” and “101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow,” Alex Zane has showcased his ability to engage diverse audiences, inject humor, and bring excitement to each program. His quick wit and affable personality have solidified his place in British television, making him a recognized and respected figure in the industry.