Bob Monkhouse

British Comedian & Actor
Television Gameshow Host

Bob Monkhouse Gameshow Host


Bob Monkhouse was a multifaceted British comedian, actor, and television presenter whose enduring legacy lies in his charismatic hosting of a wide array of game shows. With his quick wit, infectious humor, and warm personality, Bob became a household name on British television. In this biography, we explore Bob Monkhouse’s career, with a particular focus on his roles as the host of “The Golden Shot,” “Celebrity Squares,” “Family Fortunes,” “Wipeout,” “Bob’s Full House,” and “Bob Says Opportunity Knocks.”

Early Life and Comedy Career

Born Robert Alan Monkhouse on June 1, 1928, in Beckenham, Kent, Bob Monkhouse was destined for a career in entertainment. He began his career as a stand-up comedian, swiftly rising to prominence with his sharp humor and impeccable timing. His comedy style, characterized by clever wordplay and quick comebacks, made him a beloved figure in the world of entertainment.

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The Golden Shot

One of Bob Monkhouse’s early game show hosting roles was on “The Golden Shot.” Airing during the 1960s and ’70s, the show combined elements of quiz and dexterity challenges. Bob’s affable and charismatic hosting made the program immensely popular, and he played a crucial role in its success.

Celebrity Squares

Bob Monkhouse was also the host of “Celebrity Squares,” a classic British game show known for its tic-tac-toe format and celebrity-filled squares. Contestants had to answer questions to claim squares and form a winning line. Bob’s knack for humor and repartee with the celebrity contestants added to the show’s appeal.

Celebrity Squares (TV Series 1975–1997) hosted by Bob Monkhouse

Family Fortunes

Perhaps one of Bob Monkhouse’s most iconic hosting roles was on “Family Fortunes.” He presented the show during its early years, making it a beloved staple of British television. “Family Fortunes” featured families competing by answering survey questions, aiming to guess the most popular answers. Bob’s friendly and witty approach endeared him to contestants and viewers alike.


Bob Monkhouse took on hosting duties for “Wipeout,” a game show featuring a large obstacle course. Contestants had to navigate challenging physical obstacles while answering trivia questions. Bob’s lively commentary and encouragement added to the excitement of the show.

Bob’s Full House

Bob Monkhouse was the host of “Bob’s Full House,” a bingo-themed game show that combined bingo, trivia, and prizes. His trademark charm and humor made the show a success.

Bob Says Opportunity Knocks

“Opportunity Knocks” was a talent competition show, and Bob Monkhouse hosted “Bob Says Opportunity Knocks,” a spin-off series. His support for budding talent and his engaging hosting style contributed to the show’s popularity.


Bob Monkhouse’s contributions to the world of game shows and entertainment are celebrated to this day. His career, marked by a blend of humor, hosting prowess, and an enduring love for the industry, has left an indelible mark on British television. Bob Monkhouse is remembered not only for his comedic brilliance but also for his skill in bringing joy and laughter to countless viewers through the medium of game shows.


Bob Monkhouse’s remarkable versatility as a comedian and game show host made him a beloved figure in British entertainment. His enduring legacy lives on through the laughter and entertainment he provided to generations of viewers. Bob Monkhouse will forever be celebrated as a charismatic game show maestro and an icon of British television.