David Hamilton

British Broadcaster
Gameshow Host

David Hamilton Gameshow Host

David Hamilton, a distinguished British broadcaster, made significant contributions to the world of television and radio. Among his notable works was his role as the host of the popular game show “All Clued Up.” This biography provides insights into his life and the impact he made through this engaging game show.

Early Life:
David Hamilton was born on 10th September 1938 in Manchester, England. He embarked on his broadcasting career at a young age, fueled by a passion for music and entertainment. His journey in the media industry began in the early 1960s when he joined the pirate radio station Radio Caroline, becoming one of its pioneering DJs. This marked the start of a successful and enduring career in broadcasting.

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“All Clued Up”:
“All Clued Up” was a British television game show that aired from 1987 to 1993. The show was hosted by David Hamilton and gained popularity for its unique and engaging format. It featured couples as contestants who competed in a word puzzle game that tested their knowledge and teamwork.

The format of “All Clued Up” involved two couples, each consisting of two contestants. The objective was to solve word puzzles on a large game board. The board featured clues and blank spaces, and contestants had to guess words and phrases based on the given hints. The couples took turns selecting letters and revealing portions of the puzzle, earning points for correct guesses.

One of the distinctive elements of the show was the teamwork required from the couples. Effective communication and word association were crucial for success. Contestants needed to work together to decipher the clues and fill in the blanks. This collaborative aspect of the game added a layer of excitement and engagement for both the participants and the viewers.


David Hamilton’s role as the host was instrumental in creating an enjoyable and entertaining atmosphere on “All Clued Up.” His warm and personable style endeared him to contestants and audiences alike. Hamilton’s ability to engage with the couples, offer encouragement, and maintain the show’s momentum contributed to its success.

The show’s combination of word puzzles, teamwork, and Hamilton’s charismatic hosting made “All Clued Up” a hit among viewers. It provided an entertaining and interactive television experience that resonated with audiences during its run.

David Hamilton’s contributions to the broadcasting industry extended beyond “All Clued Up.” Throughout his career, he became known for his work on radio, hosting various programs and becoming a beloved voice on the airwaves.

While “All Clued Up” remains a fondly remembered game show from his career, Hamilton’s influence reached across different media platforms. His dedication to entertaining and engaging audiences left a lasting impact on the world of television and radio.

David Hamilton’s role as the host of “All Clued Up” showcased his talent for connecting with contestants and viewers. The show’s unique format, blending word puzzles and teamwork, made it a distinctive and enjoyable addition to British television. Hamilton’s warm and personable hosting style contributed to the show’s success and solidified his reputation as a respected broadcaster. “All Clued Up” remains a cherished part of his legacy, remembered by those who appreciated its engaging and interactive entertainment. David Hamilton’s enduring contributions to the broadcasting industry continue to be celebrated by fans of his work.