Kenneth Kendall

British Broadcaster and Television Gameshow Host

Kenneth Kendall Gameshow Host


Kenneth Kendall, a distinguished British broadcaster, is widely recognized for his remarkable career in television. His illustrious journey encompassed various roles, but he gained significant acclaim as the host of the iconic television game show “Treasure Hunt.” This biography delves into the life and achievements of Kenneth Kendall, exploring his early days, his role as the host of “Treasure Hunt,” and the impact he made on British television.

Early Days:

Kenneth Kendall was born on August 7, 1924, in India, during the time of British colonial rule. He later moved to the United Kingdom and began his career as a radio announcer. Kendall’s distinctive voice and clear diction made him a natural fit for broadcasting, and he quickly gained recognition for his work on both radio and television.

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Treasure Hunt – Navigating the Challenges:

One of Kenneth Kendall’s most celebrated roles was as the host of “Treasure Hunt.” The show, which aired from 1982 to 1989, became a beloved fixture in British television. “Treasure Hunt” was a unique game show that combined elements of adventure, geography, and cerebral challenges.

Treasure Hunt

In “Treasure Hunt,” contestants embarked on a thrilling race against time to solve cryptic clues and locate treasures hidden in various locations across the United Kingdom. The twist was that the contestants were guided by a “skyrunner” in a helicopter, while Kenneth Kendall remained in the studio, providing commentary and assistance from afar.

Kendall’s role as the host was pivotal to the show’s success. His calm and composed demeanor served as a reassuring presence for contestants and viewers alike. He expertly navigated the complexities of live television, ensuring that the show maintained its suspense and excitement. His articulate explanations of the clues and the locations added depth to the viewing experience.

The format of “Treasure Hunt” required Kendall to adapt to unpredictable situations and provide real-time commentary. His ability to remain unflustered under pressure endeared him to audiences. Kendall’s distinct style of hosting made “Treasure Hunt” a standout show, and it garnered a dedicated fan base during its run.

Impact on British Television:

Kenneth Kendall’s contribution to British television extended beyond his role as the host of “Treasure Hunt.” He was a respected and trusted figure in broadcasting, known for his professionalism and credibility. His decades-long career made him a household name, and he played a significant role in shaping the landscape of British television.

Kendall’s work on “Treasure Hunt” showcased his versatility as a broadcaster. While he was primarily known for delivering the news, his foray into game show hosting demonstrated his adaptability and charisma. His ability to engage viewers and maintain their interest in the show’s challenges contributed to its success.


Kenneth Kendall’s tenure as the host of “Treasure Hunt” is a standout chapter in his illustrious broadcasting career. His affable and composed hosting style made him a beloved figure in British television, and his impact continues to be celebrated by those who fondly remember the excitement of “Treasure Hunt.” Kendall’s legacy extends beyond the game show, as he remains an enduring icon in the annals of British broadcasting.