Steve Race

British Radio and TV Presenter
Music Gameshow Host

Steve Race Gameshow Host


Steve Race was a highly influential British radio and television presenter best known for his role as the host of “My Music.” With his encyclopedic knowledge of classical music and his charismatic presenting style, Race left an indelible mark on the world of broadcasting. This biography delves into his life and career, focusing on his iconic show, “My Music.”

Early Life

Steve Race was born on April 1, 1921, in Lincoln, England. His deep passion for music, especially classical compositions, was evident from a young age. This passion would go on to shape his life and career. After serving in the British Army during World War II, Race pursued a career in radio and broadcasting, where his extensive knowledge of music became his greatest asset.

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“My Music”
“My Music” was a beloved radio and television quiz show that was the brainchild of Steve Race. The show first aired on the BBC in 1967 and quickly gained a devoted following. It was an engaging and light-hearted program that tested the musical knowledge of its participants. The format included a panel of contestants who would answer questions, identify musical pieces, and engage in witty banter, all under the witty and erudite guidance of Race.

The show’s appeal lay in its ability to combine the intellectual challenge of a music quiz with a warm and humorous atmosphere. Race’s role as the host was pivotal in setting this tone. His deep understanding of music allowed him to create questions that ranged from the delightfully obscure to the easily recognizable, making “My Music” accessible to a wide range of music enthusiasts.

What set “My Music” apart from other quiz shows of the time was its emphasis on humor and camaraderie. Race’s quick wit and effortless charm made him a delightful and engaging host. His rapport with the contestants and regular panelists added a personal touch to the show, making it feel like a gathering of friends passionate about music.

The enduring popularity of “My Music” can be attributed to the clever fusion of music and entertainment that Race masterfully orchestrated. The show was not just about testing knowledge but also about celebrating the joy of music in all its forms. With Race as its genial host, the program brought classical music, jazz, and more to a broad audience, fostering an appreciation for the beauty of musical compositions.

Legacy and Impact
Steve Race’s legacy in the world of broadcasting is deeply intertwined with “My Music.” The show, which he both created and hosted, remains an iconic representation of his love for music and his ability to share that love with others. It ran for over 30 years on radio and television, demonstrating its enduring appeal.

Race’s impact extended beyond the airwaves. He played a significant role in making classical music more accessible to the general public. His unique blend of music knowledge and charisma set a standard for music quiz shows and endeared him to countless fans. As a result, he became an influential figure in promoting classical music appreciation in the United Kingdom.

Steve Race’s career was marked by his dedication to music and his extraordinary talent as a presenter. “My Music” was his crowning achievement, reflecting his passion for the subject and his ability to share that passion with others. The show’s enduring popularity is a testament to Race’s legacy in the world of broadcasting and classical music appreciation. His impact on the medium and the genre continues to be celebrated by those who were touched by his wit, warmth, and wisdom on “My Music.”