Alfonso Ribeiro

American Actor and Comedian
Television Gameshow Host

Alfonso Ribeiro


Alfonso Ribeiro, a multi-talented entertainer known for his acting, dancing, and television hosting, ventured into the world of game shows as the host of “Catch 21.” His versatility and charismatic personality allowed him to leave a unique mark in the realm of television game shows.

Early Life:

Alfonso Ribeiro was born on September 21, 1971, in New York City. From a young age, he displayed a remarkable talent for dance and entertainment, which eventually led him to a successful career in acting and television. Ribeiro’s early experiences in the entertainment industry, including his role as a child actor in commercials and television shows, set the stage for his future hosting endeavors.

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Catch 21:

In 2008, Alfonso Ribeiro assumed the role of host for the game show “Catch 21.” This engaging program combined elements of card games and trivia, where contestants competed to build the best hand of cards while answering questions. “Catch 21” breathed new life into the traditional game show format, adding an exciting twist that engaged both the contestants and viewers. Ribeiro’s hosting style on “Catch 21” was marked by his energetic and playful demeanor. His infectious enthusiasm created an enjoyable and entertaining atmosphere, making contestants and viewers alike feel the excitement of the game. 

alfonso ribeiro catch 21

Ribeiro’s ability to interact with contestants and guide them through the game made “Catch 21” a hit during its run. His charisma and humor were key ingredients in the show’s success.

Other Game Shows:

In addition to “Catch 21,” Alfonso Ribeiro’s hosting career extended to a variety of other game shows. “Spell-Mageddon,” a unique program that combined spelling challenges with physical obstacles, showcased his humor and excitement as the host. Ribeiro’s role in “Dance 360” exemplified his own dance background and magnetic personality as he facilitated spirited dance battles on the show. Each of these programs emphasized Ribeiro’s adaptability and charisma as a television personality, adding new dimensions to his multifaceted career.

Legacy and Impact:

Alfonso Ribeiro’s hosting roles in game shows like “Catch 21,” “Spell-Mageddon,” and “Dance 360” emphasized his adaptability and charisma. While Ribeiro was already a well-known actor and dancer, his ability to connect with contestants and bring a sense of fun to the shows solidified his reputation as a versatile television personality.

His hosting endeavors further showcased his passion for entertainment and his dedication to engaging audiences across different genres. Ribeiro’s work as a game show host added a new facet to his multifaceted career, emphasizing his unique ability to entertain and inspire viewers in various ways.


Alfonso Ribeiro’s journey as a game show host marked a captivating chapter in his multifaceted career. His role in “Catch 21” exemplified his versatility and charisma as a television personality. Ribeiro’s ability to engage and entertain audiences in diverse formats underscores his enduring impact in the world of entertainment. His legacy reminds us that passion, charisma, and adaptability can transcend boundaries and lead to success in various facets of the industry.