Allen Ludden

American TV Personality, Actor
and Gameshow Host

Allen Ludden


Allen Ludden, a charismatic and versatile game show host, is renowned for his captivating presence on various television programs, including “Password,” “Password Plus,” “Liar’s Club,” “Win with the Stars,” “Stumpers!,” “The Joker’s Wild,” and “College Bowl.” With a career that spanned multiple decades, Ludden became a beloved figure in the world of game shows, leaving a lasting impact on both contestants and viewers.

Early Life:

Born on October 5, 1917, in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, Allen Ludden’s journey in the entertainment industry was marked by a passion for communication and showmanship. He pursued a degree in drama from the University of Texas and later honed his acting skills on the stage. His early experiences in theater and radio provided a strong foundation for his future endeavors as a game show host.

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In 1961, Allen Ludden began his iconic hosting career with the game show “Password.” This word association game featured celebrity-contestant pairs who gave and guessed one-word clues to convey the hidden password. Ludden’s affable and engaging hosting style endeared him to both contestants and the audience, helping the show become an instant success. “Password” became a cultural phenomenon and enjoyed a successful run under Ludden’s guidance.

Allen Ludden Password

Ludden’s witty banter with contestants and celebrity guests added a layer of charm to the show. His ability to maintain a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere while maintaining the competitive spirit of the game made “Password” a beloved classic that continues to be enjoyed through reruns. His role as the host of “Password” highlighted his knack for creating an engaging and entertaining experience for contestants and viewers alike.

Other Game Shows:

While “Password” is the most well-known among Allen Ludden’s game show ventures, he also hosted several other engaging programs. “Password Plus” continued the success of the original game show with added features and complexities. “Liar’s Club” tested contestants’ abilities to spot falsehoods in a panel of comedians. “Win with the Stars” featured celebrities pairing with contestants to compete in word games. “Stumpers!” and “The Joker’s Wild” showcased Ludden’s versatility in hosting different game show formats. He also helmed “College Bowl,” a quiz show that pitted teams of college students against one another in a battle of knowledge.

Each of these shows displayed Ludden’s unique charm and hosting prowess, making them memorable experiences for contestants and viewers alike.

Legacy and Impact:

Allen Ludden’s legacy in the world of game shows extends beyond his ability to entertain. His hosting style was characterized by warmth, wit, and a genuine connection with contestants. Ludden’s contribution to the genre is significant not only because of the success of “Password” but also due to the enduring influence he had on the world of televised entertainment.

Ludden’s dedication to his craft, his ability to create a welcoming atmosphere on set, and his knack for keeping viewers engaged contributed to the lasting popularity of the shows he hosted. His impact is evident in the countless contestants who fondly remember their time on his programs and the audience members who continue to enjoy reruns of these classic game shows.


Allen Ludden’s illustrious career as a game show host, spanning multiple shows and genres, is a testament to his enduring presence in the world of televised entertainment. His work on “Password,” “Password Plus,” “Liar’s Club,” “Win with the Stars,” “Stumpers!,” “The Joker’s Wild,” and “College Bowl” left an indelible mark on the industry, and his legacy continues to bring joy and nostalgia to audiences who appreciate the art of game shows. Ludden’s charm, charisma, and contributions to the genre will forever be celebrated as a vital part of television history.