Angelle Tymon

American Broadcast Journalist
Television Gameshow Host

Angelle Tymon


Angelle Tymon, a captivating television personality, made her mark in the world of game shows as the host of “quiznation.” Her engaging and interactive hosting style transformed this late-night trivia show into a unique and entertaining experience for viewers. Tymon’s role as the host showcased her ability to connect with audiences and make learning fun.

Early Life:

While specific details of Angelle Tymon’s early life may not be widely known, her journey in the world of television and entertainment reflects her passion for engaging with audiences. Her career as a game show host exemplified her ability to create a dynamic and interactive atmosphere.

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In 2007, Angelle Tymon took on the role of the host for “quiznation,” a late-night trivia show that aired on Game Show Network (GSN). The program provided viewers with the opportunity to participate in live, interactive trivia games from the comfort of their homes. Tymon’s hosting style was marked by her energy and enthusiasm, making the show both informative and enjoyable for participants and viewers.

Angelle Tymon quiznation

“quiznation” featured a variety of trivia questions, puzzles, and challenges that viewers could answer using their phones, with the chance to win prizes. Tymon’s ability to engage with the audience in real time, explain the questions, and maintain an upbeat and interactive atmosphere set the tone for the show’s success.

Her charisma and passion for making learning fun were key elements that contributed to the program’s popularity. Tymon’s role as the host transformed “quiznation” into a dynamic and engaging experience that connected with a broad audience.

Legacy and Impact:

Angelle Tymon’s hosting role in “quiznation” reflected her ability to create an interactive and enjoyable atmosphere for viewers. While her tenure as the host may not have been as long as some other game show hosts, her impact in the world of televised trivia games is notable.

Tymon’s approach to hosting highlighted the appeal of interactive game shows that engage viewers in real-time. Her legacy serves as a reminder of the importance of connecting with audiences and making learning and entertainment accessible and enjoyable.


Angelle Tymon’s role as the host of “quiznation” showcased her ability to create a dynamic and interactive game show experience. While her television career may have been relatively short-lived, her impact in the world of televised trivia games underscores the enduring appeal of interactive and engaging content for audiences. Her legacy reminds us of the significance of making learning and entertainment accessible and fun for viewers.