Art James

American Gameshow Host

Art James


Art James, a versatile and engaging television personality, etched his name in the annals of game show history as the charismatic host of multiple quiz-based programs. From “The Who, What, or Where Game” to “It’s Academic,” “Pay Cards!,” and “Concentration,” James brought his unique blend of enthusiasm, intellect, and warmth to the small screen. His contributions to the world of game shows stand as a testament to the enduring appeal of quiz-based entertainment that challenges, educates, and entertains.

Early Life:

Art James was born on October 15, 1929, in Dearborn, Michigan. His early life was marked by a passion for knowledge and education, which would later become hallmarks of his career. James’ background in radio and television, as well as his genuine enthusiasm for learning, prepared him for a future as a game show host.

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The Who, What, or Where Game:

In 1969, Art James took on the role of host in the revival of “The Who, What, or Where Game.” This quiz-based program presented contestants with clues and tasked them with deducing who, what, or where was being described. James’s hosting style was marked by his warmth, encouragement, and an inviting demeanor, making contestants and viewers alike feel welcome. He skillfully guided contestants through the challenges, adding an essential layer of excitement to the show. “The Who, What, or Where Game” offered a unique quiz experience that celebrated intellectual curiosity and problem-solving, and James’ presence as the host was pivotal in making the show engaging and enjoyable.

The Who, What, or Where Game Art James

Other Gameshows:

Art James’s illustrious career extended to several other game shows, each leaving its own mark on the world of television. “It’s Academic” became a platform for young scholars to showcase their academic prowess, and James encouraged intellectual achievement as the host. In “Pay Cards!” which aired in 1981, a card game-based program, James added an element of excitement to the show, guiding contestants through the game’s twists and turns. His hosting in “Concentration,” the classic game show revival, maintained a sense of tension and anticipation as contestants solved puzzles and matched prizes behind numbered squares.

Legacy and Impact:

Art James’s hosting roles underscored the importance of infusing game shows with humor, intellect, and warmth. He was not merely a game show host but a champion of intellectual curiosity and knowledge. His contributions stand as a testament to the significance of combining education and entertainment, creating an enjoyable and enlightening experience for contestants and viewers alike.

James’s hosting style celebrated learning and curiosity, leaving a lasting impression on contestants and viewers. His impact on the world of game shows extended beyond entertainment; it highlighted the importance of fostering a love for learning and competition. The enduring legacy of Art James reminds us that game shows have the power to entertain, educate, and challenge, making them timeless forms of televised entertainment.


Art James, a consummate game show host, graced our television screens with his warmth, intellect, and engaging personality. From “The Who, What, or Where Game” to “It’s Academic,” “Pay Cards!,” and “Concentration,” James left an indelible mark on the world of quiz-based entertainment. His hosting contributions were not merely about competition; they celebrated the pursuit of knowledge and intellectual curiosity.

Art James’s legacy is a testament to the enduring appeal of game shows that entertain, educate, and challenge. He reminded us of the importance of fostering a love for learning and competition, leaving a lasting mark on contestants and viewers alike. In the world of game shows, Art James will always be remembered for his unique ability to infuse education and entertainment, making the quest for knowledge an exciting adventure.