Art Linkletter

Canadian-American Radio Personality & Gameshow Host

Art Linkletter


Art Linkletter, a beloved television and radio personality, gained widespread recognition as the host of the highly entertaining and endearing game show “People Are Funny.” His warm and engaging presence, combined with his knack for bringing out the humor and quirks in everyday people, turned the show into a beloved classic. Linkletter’s hosting style made “People Are Funny” a showcase of the quirks, surprises, and sheer delight of human nature.

Early Life:

Arthur Gordon Linkletter was born on July 17, 1912, in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada, but he spent much of his childhood in the United States. His family relocated to California when he was a young boy. Linkletter’s early life experiences and upbringing on the West Coast provided the foundation for his future career in entertainment.

Linkletter’s journey in radio and television began in the 1940s, where he hosted various programs and honed his skills as a charismatic and engaging host. His background in broadcasting, combined with his genuine curiosity about people, would become defining aspects of his hosting career.

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People Are Funny:

People Are Funny,” which aired from 1954 to 1961, was one of Art Linkletter’s most notable game show hosting ventures. The show’s premise revolved around the idea that everyday people, placed in unusual and sometimes humorous situations, would reveal their eccentricities and humorous traits. Linkletter’s hosting style was characterized by his warm and gentle humor, which encouraged contestants and participants to feel at ease.

The show featured a wide variety of entertaining segments, including candid interviews, hidden-camera pranks, and humorous stunts. “People Are Funny” provided a platform for Linkletter to showcase his ability to connect with people and uncover the delightful idiosyncrasies of human behavior. His interactions with contestants and participants added an essential layer of charm to the program.

Art Linkletter People Are Funny

The success of “People Are Funny” stemmed from Linkletter’s talent for making people feel comfortable and bringing out their humorous side. His hosting style played a pivotal role in creating an atmosphere of fun and laughter, making the show an enduring favorite among viewers.

Legacy and Impact:

Art Linkletter’s hosting of “People Are Funny” underscored the importance of celebrating the quirks and idiosyncrasies of human behavior. His ability to connect with people from all walks of life and extract their humorous traits left a lasting mark on the world of game shows.

People Are Funny” remains a cherished classic, a testament to the enduring appeal of shows that explore the humor and unpredictability of human nature. Linkletter’s legacy serves as a reminder of the significance of programs that delight in the quirks of people, creating a heartwarming and entertaining experience for contestants and viewers alike.


Art Linkletter’s hosting of “People Are Funny” transformed the game show into a delightful exploration of the humor and quirks of human behavior. His ability to connect with people and bring out their humorous side turned the program into a beloved classic that continues to be celebrated. In the world of game shows, Art Linkletter will always be remembered for his talent for uncovering the endearing and funny side of people, making “People Are Funny” an enduring favorite among viewers.