Ben Gleib

American Actor, Comedian and Gameshow Host

Ben Gleib


Ben Gleib, a gifted comedian and charismatic host, carved his place in the world of game shows as the witty master of ceremonies of “Idiotest.” With his engaging and humorous presence, Gleib transformed the show into an entertaining and brain-teasing experience for contestants and viewers alike. His contributions to the world of game shows exemplify the enduring appeal of quiz-based programs that challenge, entertain, and educate.

Early Life:

Benjamin Nathan Gleiberman, known as Ben Gleib, was born on June 18, 1978, in Los Angeles, California. His journey into the world of entertainment was significantly shaped by his early experiences in stand-up comedy and improvisation. Gleib’s natural talent for humor and his passion for making people laugh were evident from a young age. These qualities, combined with his genuine charisma, provided the foundation for his future career as a game show host.

Gleib’s education in comedy and entertainment eventually led him to the world of television and game shows, where his unique blend of humor and intellect found the perfect outlet.

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Idiotest,” a game show that blurred the lines between intelligence and entertainment, welcomed Ben Gleib as its host. The show’s format was an intellectually stimulating and entertaining experience, centered around testing contestants’ critical thinking and logic skills. Teams were presented with a series of brain-teasing puzzles and intricate visual riddles, challenging their wit and ability to solve complex problems. Gleib’s hosting style was characterized by his humor, quick thinking, and an enthusiastic engagement with the contestants.

Ben Gleib, Idiotest

He didn’t merely guide the teams through the puzzles; he became a partner in the intellectual adventure, injecting each challenge with humor and playful banter. His ability to infuse humor into the complex puzzles added an essential layer of charm to the program.

What set “Idiotest” apart was its ability to combine challenging puzzles with the levity of humor, creating an environment where contestants could enjoy the thrill of mental competition. Gleib’s witty commentary and infectious enthusiasm made the show not only a test of intelligence but also an entertaining and enjoyable experience.

The success of “Idiotest” was greatly influenced by Ben Gleib’s hosting abilities. His talent for making contestants feel at ease while navigating mind-bending puzzles played a pivotal role in creating an atmosphere of fun and intellectual competition. Gleib’s presence, both relatable and humorous, made “Idiotest” a unique quiz-based program that appealed to a broad audience, from those seeking an intellectual challenge to those looking for a good laugh.

Legacy and Impact:

Ben Gleib’s hosting of “Idiotest” underscored the importance of combining humor, intellect, and entertainment. The show celebrated the thrill of mental challenges and provided a platform for contestants to showcase their problem-solving skills. Gleib’s legacy serves as a reminder of the significance of programs that entertain, educate, and challenge the mind, fostering a love for intellectual exploration and competition.

The impact of “Idiotest” extended beyond the television screen. The show not only entertained but also encouraged viewers to engage their brains, demonstrating that learning and problem-solving could be fun and enjoyable.


Ben Gleib, a gifted comedian and host, brought laughter and brain-teasing challenges to the forefront as the host of “Idiotest.” His ability to make game shows both entertaining and intellectually stimulating turned the program into a beloved classic. In the world of game shows, Ben Gleib will always be remembered for his talent for combining humor, intelligence, and competition, making “Idiotest” an enduring favorite among viewers who loved a good mental workout and a good laugh. Gleib’s impact on the game show landscape demonstrates the enduring appeal of programs that challenge and entertain, fostering a love for intellectual exploration and a good dose of humor.