Bill Armstrong

American Television Producer and Gameshow Host

Bill Armstrong (announcer)


Bill Armstrong, an accomplished announcer and television personality, left his mark in the world of game shows through various roles, but it was as the announcer of “Liar’s Club” that he gained recognition. With his distinctive voice and presence, Armstrong became a familiar figure in the world of television game shows. This biography explores his early life, his role as the announcer of “Liar’s Club,” and his contributions to the game show genre.

Early Life:

Bill Armstrong’s journey into the world of television began with his early experiences in broadcasting and announcing. Born on August 17, 1915, Armstrong honed his vocal skills, making his voice both distinctive and captivating. His early career in radio and broadcasting provided the foundation for his future as a game show announcer.

Armstrong’s unique and resonant voice allowed him to connect with audiences, and his ability to convey excitement and enthusiasm played a pivotal role in his announcing style on television game shows.

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Liar’s Club,” a popular television game show, featured a panel of celebrities who attempted to bluff contestants with fabricated stories. Bill Armstrong served as the announcer on the show, introducing the contestants and the celebrity panel.

Armstrong’s announcing style was characterized by his resonant voice and his ability to set the stage for the entertaining game that would follow. His introductions and commentary added an essential layer of excitement and anticipation to the program.

bill armstrong (announcer) liar's club

What set “Liar’s Club” apart was the unique concept of challenging contestants to identify the truth among a panel of celebrity storytellers. The show offered a blend of humor and wit, and Armstrong’s announcing contributed to the overall enjoyment and engagement of the viewers.

The success of “Liar’s Club” can be largely attributed to Bill Armstrong’s announcing abilities. His distinctive voice, combined with his talent for building anticipation and creating an engaging atmosphere, played a pivotal role in making the show a thrilling and entertaining experience.

Armstrong’s contributions as the announcer showcased his ability to set the stage and create a sense of anticipation, preparing the audience for the playful and often hilarious stories to come.

Other Game Shows:

In addition to “Liar’s Club,” Bill Armstrong lent his distinctive voice and announcing talents to other game shows, such as “Celebrity Sweepstakes,” “Stumpers!,” “Fantasy,” and “The Reel to Reel Picture Show.” His contributions as an announcer added depth and entertainment value to each of these programs.

Armstrong’s voice became a familiar and reassuring presence for viewers, as he introduced contestants, described the game rules, and created an atmosphere of excitement. His announcing added a layer of professionalism and showmanship to the shows he worked on.

Legacy and Impact:

Bill Armstrong’s career in the world of game shows emphasized the importance of a distinct voice, enthusiasm, and professionalism as an announcer. His ability to set the stage, build anticipation, and engage the audience played a significant role in the success of the programs he worked on.

Armstrong’s legacy serves as a reminder of the significance of the announcer’s role in creating an exciting and entertaining atmosphere in television game shows. His impact extended beyond individual shows, as he became a recognizable figure associated with the world of game shows.


Bill Armstrong, a talented announcer and television personality, made a memorable impression in the world of game shows, with “Liar’s Club” marking a significant chapter in his career. His resonant voice and announcing style added to the excitement of the show, setting the stage for the entertaining gameplay that followed. Armstrong’s contributions to other game shows, such as “Celebrity Sweepstakes,” “Stumpers!,” “Fantasy,” and “The Reel to Reel Picture Show,” showcased his versatility and professionalism as an announcer. His legacy as a distinctive voice that added depth and entertainment value to television game shows ensures that his name is forever associated with the world of game shows, emphasizing the importance of professionalism and showmanship in announcing.