Bob Clayton

American Television Presenter and Gameshow Host

Bob Clayton


Bob Clayton, a captivating television personality known for his warmth and charm, secured his place in the history of game shows as the amiable host of “Concentration” and “Make a Face.” This in-depth exploration delves into Clayton’s early life, his pivotal contributions to these iconic game shows, and the enduring influence of his charismatic presence on the genre.

Early Life:

Bob Clayton, born on July 2, 1922, in Quincy, Massachusetts, embarked on a journey that would see him become a cherished figure on television. While details of his formative years remain relatively scarce, Clayton’s innate charm and connection with audiences became defining features of his illustrious career.

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Concentration,” a cornerstone of daytime television that made its debut in 1958, discovered the ideal host in Bob Clayton. Tasking contestants with matching pairs of cards to unveil puzzle pictures, the show became a mental challenge and a delight for viewers. Clayton’s hosting style brought an exquisite blend of warmth and wit to the set, transforming the game into a captivating experience.

Bob Clayton, Concentration

Clayton’s tranquil demeanor and deliberate pacing played a pivotal role in “Concentration’s” success. His reassuring presence offered contestants a sense of comfort as they navigated the intricate challenges of revealing matching pairs to solve elaborate puzzles. Under Clayton’s guidance, “Concentration” became a beloved fixture in daytime television, captivating audiences with its engaging format.

Make a Face:

Bob Clayton’s versatility as a host extended to “Make a Face,” a lighthearted game show where contestants endeavored to mimic famous personalities. This entertaining show showcased Clayton’s ability to inject laughter into the traditional game show format.

“Make a Face” provided Clayton an opportunity to interact with contestants in a more playful manner, eliciting comedic performances as they attempted to imitate well-known figures. His adept hosting contributed to the show’s charm, offering viewers a delightful escape filled with laughter and entertainment.

Legacy and Impact:

Bob Clayton’s legacy in the realm of game shows is characterized by his enduring charm and the skillful manner in which he hosted shows that required a delicate balance of strategy and entertainment. His contribution to the success of “Concentration” and the delightful atmosphere of “Make a Face” solidified his place as a beloved figure in the history of television.

As a host, Clayton showcased that a game show could be both intellectually engaging and enjoyable to watch. His legacy lives on in the memories of those who tuned in to watch his shows, experiencing the unique blend of challenge and entertainment he brought to the screen.


Bob Clayton, with his warm and engaging presence, left an indelible mark on the world of game shows. As the host of “Concentration” and “Make a Face,” he brought a unique combination of composure and humor to the genre, creating shows that stood the test of time. Clayton’s contribution to the realm of television game shows remains a testament to his ability to connect with audiences and make the viewing experience both enjoyable and memorable.