Bob Hilton

American TV Personality and Gameshow Host

Bob Hilton


Bob Hilton, a seasoned host and voice actor, made a lasting impact on the game show landscape with his roles in “The Guinness Game” and “Let’s Make a Deal.” This comprehensive biography explores Hilton’s early life, his significant contributions to “The Guinness Game,” and his hosting duties on “Let’s Make a Deal,” showcasing his versatility and enduring presence in the world of game shows.

Early Life:

Born on July 23, 1943, in Hingham, Massachusetts, Bob Hilton’s journey into the world of entertainment was influenced by a combination of talent and a passion for connecting with audiences. Growing up, Hilton showed a natural inclination for performance, foreshadowing a career that would see him become a familiar face on television.

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Bob Hilton’s pivotal role as the host of “The Guinness Game” marked a significant chapter in his career. Premiering in 1979, this unique game show brought a blend of trivia, challenges, and the iconic Guinness Book of World Records to the television screen. As the host, Hilton navigated the high-energy format with charm and humor, guiding contestants through a series of record-breaking challenges.

“The Guinness Game” stood out for its innovative concept, drawing inspiration from the widely popular Guinness World Records. Contestants faced off in a series of wacky and entertaining challenges, attempting to break records or accomplish unusual feats. Hilton’s role was central to the show’s success, as he provided commentary, engaged with contestants, and added his signature flair to the proceedings.

Hilton’s ability to maintain a lively atmosphere while overseeing the quirky competitions contributed to the show’s unique appeal. His dynamic presence as the host ensured that each episode was a captivating journey into the extraordinary, making “The Guinness Game” a memorable entry in the game show genre.

Bob Hilton’s hosting prowess extended to his role on the iconic game show “Let’s Make a Deal.” Stepping into the shoes of a host synonymous with the show’s success, Hilton brought his own charm and style to the stage. “Let’s Make a Deal” thrived on the unpredictability of costumed contestants making deals with the host, and Hilton’s affable demeanor added an extra layer of entertainment to the beloved format.

As the host of “Let’s Make a Deal,” Hilton adeptly interacted with contestants, embraced the zany costumes and props, and maintained the show’s trademark blend of excitement and humor. His tenure on the show contributed to its enduring popularity, showcasing Hilton’s ability to engage audiences in the thrilling world of game show decision-making.

Legacy and Impact:

Bob Hilton’s legacy in the world of game shows is defined by his versatile hosting skills and his contributions to two distinct but equally memorable programs. “The Guinness Game” and “Let’s Make a Deal” bear the imprint of Hilton’s charismatic presence, and his ability to connect with contestants and viewers alike solidified his status as a respected figure in the industry.

Beyond his hosting duties, Hilton’s career includes notable voice acting roles and a continued presence in various entertainment ventures. His impact on the game show landscape and the broader realm of entertainment underscores a career marked by longevity and adaptability.


Bob Hilton, with his dynamic hosting style and enduring contributions to “The Guinness Game” and “Let’s Make a Deal,” remains a beloved figure in the world of game shows. His ability to infuse humor, energy, and a genuine connection with contestants has left an indelible mark on the genre, earning him a place among the notable hosts in television history.