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Bobby Van


Bobby Van, a charismatic entertainer with a flair for comedy, left an indelible mark as the host of “The Fun Factory,” “Showoffs,” and his notable participation in “Make Me Laugh.” This detailed biography explores Van’s early life, his featured role in “The Fun Factory,” and glimpses into “Make Me Laugh,” showcasing his comedic prowess and enduring impact on the world of television game shows.

Early Life:

Born Robert Jack Stein on December 6, 1928, in The Bronx, New York, Bobby Van’s journey into the entertainment industry began with a passion for performing. From an early age, he displayed a natural talent for singing, dancing, and making people laugh. This early inclination set the stage for a career that would see him become a beloved figure in the world of entertainment.

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The Fun Factory:

Bobby Van’s foray into game show hosting reached its zenith with his role as the host of “The Fun Factory.” Premiering in 1976, this unique game show was a combination of comedy, creativity, and interactive challenges. The format involved celebrity guests, contestants, and a lively studio audience engaging in a series of humorous and entertaining activities.

The Fun Factory

As the host of “The Fun Factory,” Bobby Van served as the maestro of mirth, orchestrating a symphony of laughter and amusement. The show’s concept allowed him to showcase not only his hosting skills but also his comedic timing and ability to create a joyful atmosphere. Contestants participated in zany games and challenges, often with unexpected and hilarious outcomes, making “The Fun Factory” a delightful addition to the game show landscape.

Other Game Shows:

Bobby Van’s versatility extended beyond “The Fun Factory.” He took on the role of host for “Showoffs,” another game show that highlighted the quick wit and improvisational skills of the contestants. Additionally, Van participated as a celebrity guest in “Make Me Laugh,” a show where comedians faced the challenge of making him laugh within a specified time.

Legacy and Impact:

Bobby Van’s legacy in the world of game shows is etched in his ability to infuse joy and laughter into every performance. His infectious energy and comedic charm resonated with audiences, making each of his shows a memorable and enjoyable experience. The lighthearted and entertaining nature of “The Fun Factory” and his other game show contributions contributed to his lasting impact on the genre.

Beyond game shows, Bobby Van’s career spanned various entertainment mediums, including Broadway, film, and television. His legacy as a versatile entertainer endures, and his influence on the comedy and game show scenes remains a testament to his enduring popularity.


Bobby Van, with his boundless energy and comedic genius, carved a niche for himself in the world of game shows. Whether orchestrating laughter on “The Fun Factory,” showcasing improvisational skills on “Showoffs,” or participating in the hilarity of “Make Me Laugh,” Van’s contributions continue to be celebrated for their enduring impact on the landscape of televised entertainment.