Desiree Burch

American Comedian, Actress and Gameshow Host

Desiree Burch


Desiree Burch, a talented comedian, actress, and writer, stepped into the realm of game shows as the host of “Flinch.” This biography explores Burch’s early life, her diverse career in entertainment, and her engaging role as the host of this unique and daring game show.

Early Life:

Desiree Burch’s journey began in Southern California, and her formative years were marked by a passion for performance arts. She honed her skills in theater, comedy, and storytelling, setting the stage for a career that would blend humor with fearless exploration.

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Flinch,” hosted by Desiree Burch, is a one-of-a-kind game show that challenges contestants to face a series of physical and mental challenges without flinching. Premiering in the late 2010s, the show is characterized by its daring stunts and the contestants’ ability to withstand various surprises and shocks.

As the host, Burch brings her unique comedic style and fearlessness to the forefront. Her role involves guiding contestants through the nerve-wracking challenges while providing commentary that adds both humor and encouragement. Burch’s ability to balance the intensity of the challenges with lighthearted banter creates an atmosphere that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Desiree Burch Flinch

“Flinch” stands out in the game show landscape for its unconventional format, and Desiree Burch’s hosting style contributes to the show’s appeal. Her witty commentary and candid interactions with contestants add an entertaining layer to the heart-pounding moments, making “Flinch” a memorable and captivating experience.

Before taking on the role of a game show host, Desiree Burch had already established herself as a force in the world of comedy and entertainment. Her career encompassed stand-up performances, acting roles, and a reputation for addressing social issues with wit and insight.

Burch’s comedic background provides a foundation for her hosting role on “Flinch.” Her ability to find humor in various situations, coupled with a fearless approach to comedy, makes her a perfect fit for a game show that pushes boundaries and tests the limits of contestants.

Hosting Prowess:

Desiree Burch’s transition from stand-up comedy to game show hosting demonstrates her versatility as a performer. Her hosting prowess on “Flinch” lies in her ability to connect with the contestants, maintain the show’s momentum, and infuse each challenge with a comedic touch.

Burch’s presence adds a unique dimension to the show, creating an environment where viewers not only witness daring stunts but also enjoy the humor and camaraderie that she brings to the proceedings. Her hosting style encourages contestants to embrace the unexpected with a sense of humor, turning each challenge into a shared experience.

Legacy and Impact:

Desiree Burch’s impact on the game show genre is characterized by her bold and humorous approach to hosting. “Flinch” stands as a testament to her ability to engage audiences in unconventional and thrilling formats, expanding the boundaries of what a game show can be.

The legacy of Burch’s hosting on “Flinch” is one that embraces the unexpected, celebrates fearlessness, and invites viewers to laugh along with the contestants. Her contribution adds a fresh and dynamic perspective to the world of game shows, demonstrating that entertainment can be both daring and entertaining.


Desiree Burch, with her background in comedy and fearless approach to entertainment, has left an indelible mark as the host of “Flinch.” Her journey from Southern California to the helm of a unique and daring game show reflects her commitment to pushing boundaries and providing audiences with an unforgettable and entertaining experience. Burch’s legacy in the game show genre is one that celebrates humor, fearlessness, and the joy of facing challenges head-on.