Dwight Stones

American Commentator and Gameshow Host


Dwight Stones, a renowned former high jumper and two-time Olympic bronze medalist, ventured into the realm of game shows as the host of “Dream League.” This biography delves into Stones’ early life, his illustrious career in athletics, and his unique role as the host of a sports-based game show that offered participants the chance to turn their sporting dreams into reality.

Early Life:

Born on December 6, 1953, in Los Angeles, California, Dwight Stones discovered his athletic prowess at a young age. Excelling in high jump, Stones honed his skills during his high school years and continued to shine as a collegiate athlete at Long Beach State University. His journey in track and field laid the foundation for a remarkable career that would see him become one of the most accomplished high jumpers in history.

Athletic Achievements:

Dwight Stones’ high jumping prowess reached its zenith during the 1970s, a period that saw him achieve remarkable success on both national and international stages. Stones secured his first Olympic bronze medal at the 1972 Munich Games, followed by another bronze at the 1976 Montreal Games. His athletic achievements extended to multiple victories at the Pan American Games and the USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships.

Stones’ approach to high jumping was marked by his distinctive straddle technique, contributing to his consistent success. His dominance in the sport elevated him to legendary status, and he remains a respected figure in the history of track and field.

Transition to Broadcasting:

Following his illustrious athletic career, Dwight Stones seamlessly transitioned into sports broadcasting. His insightful commentary and in-depth analysis made him a sought-after figure in the world of sports journalism. Stones’ articulate and knowledgeable approach to discussing track and field events solidified his reputation as a respected sports commentator.

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Dream League:

In the early 1990s, Dwight Stones took on a new and exciting role as the host of “Dream League.” This sports-themed game show offered participants the opportunity to realize their athletic dreams by competing in a series of challenges. The show brought together aspiring athletes from various backgrounds, providing them with a platform to showcase their skills and passion for sports.

Stones’ role as the host of “Dream League” was pivotal in creating an engaging and competitive atmosphere. His experience as an elite athlete lent credibility to the show, and his charismatic presence guided contestants through the challenges with a blend of encouragement and sportsmanship.

Dream League

The format of “Dream League” involved a series of athletic challenges that tested participants’ agility, strength, and strategic thinking. From obstacle courses to skill-based competitions, the show celebrated the diverse talents of its contestants. Stones’ ability to connect with the participants and provide insightful commentary added a layer of authenticity to the competition.

Legacy Beyond “Dream League”:

While “Dream League” marked a distinctive chapter in Dwight Stones’ broadcasting career, his influence extended beyond the game show realm. As a sports commentator, Stones continued to contribute to the coverage of major track and field events, sharing his expertise with audiences worldwide.

Stones’ enduring legacy is not only defined by his athletic achievements but also by his seamless transition into the world of sports broadcasting and hosting. His multifaceted career reflects a commitment to promoting and celebrating the world of sports in various capacities.


Dwight Stones’ journey from a high-flying athlete to a charismatic host on “Dream League” exemplifies his passion for sports and dedication to fostering the dreams of aspiring athletes. His influence in both the athletic and broadcasting spheres solidifies his status as a multifaceted figure in the world of sports and entertainment. As audiences continue to celebrate the achievements of Dwight Stones, both on and off the field, his legacy remains an enduring testament to the power of pursuing one’s dreams.