Elaine Joyce

American Actress and Gameshow Host

Elaine Joyce


Elaine Joyce, a multifaceted entertainer with a career spanning decades, graced the world of game shows with her magnetic presence. This biography explores her early life, focusing on her role as the host of “The All New Dating Game,” and delves into the various game shows where Joyce showcased her versatility, including “Match Game,” “Tattletales,” “Super Password,” “Password Plus,” “What’s My Line?,” and “I’ve Got a Secret.”

Early Life:

Elaine Joyce was born on December 19, 1943, in Kansas City, Missouri. Her journey into entertainment began at an early age, driven by a passion for performing. Joyce’s ambition led her to the prestigious Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City, where she honed her acting skills and laid the groundwork for a diverse career.

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The All New Dating Game:

In the mid-1980s, Elaine Joyce stepped into the role of host on “The All New Dating Game,” a revival of the classic dating show. Known for its quirky questions and blind date format, the show allowed Joyce to showcase her wit and humor while guiding contestants through the unpredictable world of romance.

As the host, Joyce brought a delightful energy to the show, engaging with contestants and creating an entertaining environment for viewers. Her charisma and quick wit made her a memorable presence on “The All New Dating Game,” adding a fresh perspective to the iconic series.

elaine joyce the all new dating game

Other Gameshows:

Beyond her hosting duties on “The All New Dating Game,” Elaine Joyce made notable appearances on a plethora of other game shows. In the world of comedic panel games, she became a familiar face on “Match Game,” where her humor and rapport with the panelists contributed to the show’s success.

Joyce’s involvement in the celebrity-driven “Tattletales” showcased her ability to navigate the dynamics of a game show centered on spousal knowledge. Her appearances on “Super Password” and “Password Plus” highlighted her versatility in word-based games, demonstrating a keen intellect and quick thinking.

Her participation in the classic panel shows “What’s My Line?” and “I’ve Got a Secret” revealed her adaptability in unraveling mysteries and keeping audiences entertained with her charming presence.

Legacy and Impact:

Elaine Joyce’s versatility across a spectrum of game shows solidified her status as a respected figure in the genre. Her contributions ranged from the lighthearted banter of dating shows to the strategic gameplay of word-centric competitions. Joyce’s legacy lies not only in her hosting capabilities but also in her adeptness at adapting to the varied formats of game shows during an era that celebrated the genre’s diversity.

As a woman in the entertainment industry, Joyce broke barriers and showcased that hosting game shows was not confined to a specific gender. Her legacy continues to inspire aspiring hosts and entertainers, emphasizing the importance of skill, charm, and adaptability in navigating the dynamic world of game shows.


Elaine Joyce’s journey through the realm of game shows is a testament to her versatility and enduring appeal. From hosting “The All New Dating Game” to making memorable appearances on an array of other shows, Joyce left an indelible mark on the landscape of television entertainment. Her ability to seamlessly transition between different game show formats speaks to her skill as a host and her capacity to connect with audiences in diverse settings. Elaine Joyce’s legacy in the world of game shows is not just a chapter in television history; it’s a vibrant tapestry that reflects the entertainment landscape of its time.