Evan Dollard

American Television and Gameshow Host

Evan Dollard


Evan Dollard, an accomplished athlete and television personality, surged into the spotlight as the host of “Ninja Quickies” and “BattleFrog.” This biography explores Dollard’s early life, his rise as a competitive athlete, and his dynamic role as the host of two shows that epitomize the spirit of physical challenge and athletic prowess.

Early Life:

Evan Dollard’s journey into the world of athleticism began when he was born on July 26, 1982, in the vibrant city of Chicago, Illinois. Raised in a family that valued physical activity, Dollard developed a passion for fitness from an early age. As he honed his skills in various sports, including track and field, gymnastics, and obstacle racing, a foundation for his future pursuits took shape.

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Ninja Quickies:

In the realm of obstacle-based competitions, Evan Dollard found his niche as the host of “Ninja Quickies.” The show, which gained popularity for its fast-paced challenges inspired by obstacle course racing and ninja warrior training, became a platform for Dollard to showcase his enthusiasm for physical fitness and competition.

As the host, Dollard guided contestants through a series of intense obstacles, testing their strength, agility, and mental fortitude. His energetic commentary and genuine passion for the sport added an infectious excitement to each episode, making “Ninja Quickies” a hit among fans of obstacle course challenges.

Evan Dollard Ninja Quickies


Evan Dollard’s journey into the world of obstacle racing expanded with his role as the host of “BattleFrog,” a series that brought the intensity of military-style obstacle courses to a broader audience. As the face of the show, Dollard brought a unique blend of athleticism and charisma, making the challenging courses accessible and entertaining for participants and viewers alike.

“BattleFrog” stood out for its emphasis on teamwork, showcasing Dollard’s commitment to fostering a sense of camaraderie among contestants. The show not only tested physical prowess but also highlighted the mental and emotional resilience required to conquer formidable obstacles. Dollard’s involvement elevated “BattleFrog” to more than a competition; it became a celebration of human endurance and determination.

Legacy and Impact:

Evan Dollard’s impact on the world of obstacle racing and athletic competitions is palpable. His roles as the host of “Ninja Quickies” and “BattleFrog” contributed to the popularization of obstacle course challenges as a mainstream form of entertainment. Dollard’s infectious enthusiasm and genuine love for the sport resonated with audiences, inspiring many to pursue their own fitness goals.

Beyond his television roles, Dollard’s legacy is intertwined with the broader fitness and obstacle racing communities. His journey from a passionate athlete to a television personality underscored the growing appeal of physical challenges as a form of entertainment, encouraging individuals to embrace a more active and adventurous lifestyle.


Evan Dollard, with his magnetic personality and athletic prowess, carved a niche for himself in the dynamic world of obstacle racing and competitive fitness. As the host of “Ninja Quickies” and “BattleFrog,” Dollard not only showcased the physical demands of these challenges but also celebrated the spirit of resilience and determination. His legacy extends beyond the television screen, leaving an indelible mark on a generation of fitness enthusiasts who see obstacles not as barriers but as opportunities to conquer.