Hosted by Jeff Stelling


Introduction: “Alphabetical” is a British quiz show that offers a fresh take on general knowledge competitions. Premiering on ITV in 2021, the show is hosted by Jeff Stelling. With its unique format and challenging questions, “Alphabetical” quickly gained attention for its innovative approach to quizzing.

Origin: “Alphabetical” originated in the United Kingdom, showcasing the country’s continued commitment to creating engaging and diverse quiz shows. Launched in 2021, the show reflects contemporary trends in game show design, incorporating both traditional and modern elements to capture the audience’s interest.

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Gameplay: The gameplay of “Alphabetical” centers around contestants answering questions based on categories, but with a distinctive twist. Questions are ordered alphabetically, with each correct answer leading to the next letter in the sequence. Contestants aim to progress through the alphabet by providing accurate responses to a wide range of topics.

The show’s unique structure challenges participants’ knowledge across various subjects, keeping both contestants and viewers on their toes. 


The alphabetical progression adds an extra layer of strategy, requiring competitors to navigate through the topics in a systematic manner to maximize their chances of success.

A key feature is the “Triple Roll Over” round, where contestants have the opportunity to earn triple points by correctly answering three consecutive questions within a set time frame. This adds an exciting element of risk and reward to the gameplay.

Legacy and Impact: While “Alphabetical” is a relatively recent addition to the world of quiz shows, its impact is evident in its ability to modernize the genre. The show’s innovative format, combining alphabetical progression with a diverse range of categories, offers a unique viewing experience.

Jeff Stelling’s hosting style, known for his wit and charisma, adds to the show’s appeal. “Alphabetical” aligns with contemporary audience preferences, providing a dynamic and fast-paced quizzing experience that resonates with a broad viewership.

The show’s impact may extend beyond its original run, influencing the design of future quiz shows by demonstrating the effectiveness of combining a novel format with challenging questions. “Alphabetical” showcases that even in a genre with a long history, there’s room for innovation and reinvention.

In conclusion, “Alphabetical” is a testament to the ongoing evolution of quiz shows, offering a modern and engaging take on general knowledge competitions. Its distinctive format, coupled with Jeff Stelling’s hosting flair, positions the show as a notable contribution to the rich landscape of British game shows.