Hosted by Dennis Miller


Introduction: “Amne$ia” is a quiz show that premiered on NBC in 2008, hosted by comedian and actor Dennis Miller. The show offered a distinctive concept, combining elements of trivia with a focus on contestants’ personal memories and experiences, making it a unique addition to the game show landscape.

Origin: The American version of “Amne$ia” originated in the United States and marked NBC’s attempt to introduce a quiz show with a fresh and intriguing format. Premiering on January 22, 2008, the show aimed to captivate audiences by tapping into the nostalgia and personal recollections of its contestants.

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Gameplay: The gameplay of “Amne$ia” involved contestants answering a series of questions, both general knowledge and those related to their own lives. The twist was that contestants could potentially win more money by correctly recalling details about their past experiences, such as personal milestones, achievements, or significant events.

The show had multiple rounds, and as contestants progressed, the difficulty of the questions increased. The pressure to remember details from their own lives added a unique psychological element to the competition. The final round, known as the “Million Dollar Moment,” presented contestants with a chance to win a substantial cash prize if they successfully answered a challenging question related to their personal history.


Legacy and Impact: “Amne$ia” made its mark by exploring the intersection of memory and trivia within a game show setting. The show’s format, emphasizing personal recollections alongside general knowledge, differentiated it from more conventional quiz shows. Dennis Miller’s wit and humor as the host contributed to the overall entertainment value of the program.

While “Amne$ia” didn’t achieve the long-lasting legacy of some classic game shows, its impact lies in its attempt to bring a fresh perspective to the genre. The show addressed the intriguing idea of memory as a component of a quiz show, creating a distinctive viewing experience.

The concept of incorporating personal memories into a trivia format showcased the potential for innovation in game show design. “Amne$ia” influenced discussions around how game shows could evolve to engage audiences in new and unconventional ways.

In conclusion, “Amne$ia” stands as a unique experiment in the game show genre, combining trivia with personal recollections. While its run was relatively short-lived, the show’s attempt to explore the dynamics of memory within a quiz format demonstrates the ongoing quest for creativity and innovation in television game shows.