Hosted by Rylan Clark


“Babushka” is a British television game show that brought a unique and engaging concept to the quiz show genre. Premiering on ITV in 2017, the show was hosted by Rylan Clark-Neal. “Babushka” stood out for its distinctive format, combining elements of chance and knowledge in a game of risk and reward.

The show originated in the United Kingdom, making its debut on ITV. “Babushka” introduced a fresh take on the traditional quiz show format, incorporating a Russian doll theme into its gameplay. The show’s name, “Babushka,” refers to the traditional Russian nesting dolls, reflecting the layered and suspenseful nature of the game.

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The gameplay of “Babushka” involved contestants opening a series of Russian dolls, each containing a potential cash prize or a “killer” that would end their chance of winning money. Contestants progressed through a sequence of dolls, facing decisions at each stage. They could choose to open the next doll or take a cash amount, introducing an element of risk and strategy into the game.

The questions in “Babushka” covered a variety of topics, testing the contestants’ general knowledge. Successful navigation through the dolls could lead to accumulating substantial cash prizes, while encountering a “killer” doll posed the risk of losing accumulated funds.


The show’s format added a layer of suspense and unpredictability, keeping both contestants and viewers on the edge of their seats as they navigated through the dolls in the hope of securing significant winnings.

Legacy and Impact:
“Babushka” made an impact with its distinctive format and suspenseful gameplay. While it may not have achieved the same enduring legacy as some long-running quiz shows, its contribution lies in bringing a novel and visually interesting concept to the genre.

The show’s use of the Russian doll theme and the combination of chance and knowledge set “Babushka” apart in the game show landscape. While the specific legacy of the show may not be as extensive, it remains an example of the creative ways in which quiz formats can be reinvented to capture audience attention.

In conclusion, “Babushka” left a mark as a unique and inventive addition to British television game shows. Its incorporation of the Russian doll theme and the blend of risk and reward showcased the versatility of quiz show formats, providing an entertaining and suspenseful viewing experience.