Big Brother's Big Mouth

Hosted by Russell Brand, Jack Whitehall, James Corden

Big Brother's Big Mouth


“Big Brother’s Big Mouth” was a companion show to the popular reality television series “Big Brother” in the United Kingdom. Launched in 2004, the show served as a platform for discussing and dissecting the events inside the Big Brother house. Hosted by various presenters over the years, “Big Brother’s Big Mouth” provided a space for lively discussions, celebrity guests, and audience reactions.


The concept of “Big Brother’s Big Mouth” originated from the desire to offer viewers an additional layer of engagement with the “Big Brother” series. Premiering in 2004, the show tapped into the growing phenomenon of companion shows that provide commentary and analysis of reality programs. It aimed to extend the conversation around the events inside the Big Brother house and offer a platform for diverse opinions.

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“Big Brother’s Big Mouth” featured a format that included discussions, interviews, and comedic commentary on the occurrences within the Big Brother house. Celebrity guests, experts, and audience members contributed their insights, adding a dynamic and diverse perspective to the show. The format allowed for the exploration of controversies, alliances, and memorable moments from the main show.

The hosting duties of “Big Brother’s Big Mouth” were handled by various presenters throughout its run, contributing to the show’s evolving tone and style. The program was known for its unfiltered and humorous take on the events in the Big Brother house.

Big Brother's Big Mouth

Legacy and Impact:

While “Big Brother’s Big Mouth” was not as enduring as the main “Big Brother” series, it left a mark as a companion show that complemented the viewing experience. The show’s legacy lies in its role as a platform for discussions and reactions, adding an extra layer of entertainment for fans of the reality series.

The format of companion shows, offering a space for commentary and analysis, has become a common feature in the reality television landscape. “Big Brother’s Big Mouth” contributed to this trend by providing a forum for public discourse on the happenings inside the Big Brother house.

In conclusion, “Big Brother’s Big Mouth” stands as a notable companion show that enhanced the viewing experience of “Big Brother” fans in the United Kingdom. Its legacy is intertwined with the broader evolution of companion shows, demonstrating the enduring appeal of behind-the-scenes discussions and analyses in the realm of reality television.