Hosted by Jason Manford



“Bigheads” was a British television game show that added a humorous and oversized twist to physical competitions. Premiering in 2017, the show featured contestants wearing giant celebrity heads as they navigated obstacle courses and faced off in challenges. Hosted by Jason Manford, “Bigheads” combined physical comedy with competitive elements, providing a unique and entertaining viewing experience.


The origin of “Bigheads” can be traced to the creative exploration of blending physical challenges with comedic elements. Launched in 2017, the show likely emerged from the desire to create a light-hearted and visually engaging game show. The concept of contestants donning oversized celebrity heads added a humorous touch, making it stand out in the game show genre.

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“Bigheads” featured a format that involved contestants wearing large foam caricature heads of well-known figures, including celebrities, historical figures, and politicians. The contestants then competed in various physical challenges and obstacle courses. The oversized heads, with exaggerated features, added an element of difficulty and hilarity to the competitions.

Challenges ranged from navigating giant obstacle courses to participating in quirky competitions. Contestants faced eliminations based on their performance, and the show culminated in a final showdown to determine the ultimate “Bigheads” champion.


Legacy and Impact:

While “Bigheads” had a relatively short run, it left a mark with its unconventional approach to game show competitions. The show’s legacy lies in its ability to combine physical challenges with comedic elements, creating a visually entertaining experience for viewers. The use of oversized celebrity heads added a distinct and memorable quality to the show.

“Bigheads” contributed to the tradition of game shows that incorporate physical comedy and unconventional formats. While it may not have become a long-standing classic, its impact is evident in the willingness to experiment with new and amusing concepts within the game show genre.

In conclusion, “Bigheads” stands as a testament to the creativity and humor that can be infused into game show formats. Its unique combination of oversized celebrity heads and physical challenges offered a fresh and entertaining take on the traditional competition format, making it a noteworthy addition to the diverse landscape of British game shows.