Hosted by Eamonn Holmes



“Blackout” was a British game show that brought a distinctive twist to the traditional quiz format. Hosted by Eamonn Holmes, the show premiered in 2013, offering contestants a challenging experience by requiring them to answer questions in complete darkness.


The origin of “Blackout” lies in the creative exploration of game show formats. Premiering in 2013, the show aimed to break away from conventional quiz concepts by introducing an element of complete darkness into the gameplay. The unique premise likely emerged from the desire to create a suspenseful and mentally challenging environment for contestants.

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The gameplay of “Blackout” centered around the unconventional use of darkness as a key element. Contestants, unable to rely on visual cues, had to answer a series of questions spanning various categories. The show featured multiple rounds, each escalating in difficulty, and contestants earned points for correct answers.

A crucial aspect of the game was the “Blackout” round, where contestants had to decide whether to answer questions themselves or force their opponents into the darkness. This strategic element added depth to the gameplay, requiring contestants not only to possess knowledge but also to make tactical decisions.


Legacy and Impact:

While “Blackout” had a relatively short run, it left a lasting impact on the game show genre. Its legacy is evident in its innovative use of complete darkness as a gameplay element, challenging contestants in a way that went beyond traditional quiz formats. The show’s unique concept contributed to the broader exploration of diverse and unconventional game show formats.

The impact of “Blackout” can be seen in its role as a trailblazer, demonstrating that altering the visual environment could significantly enhance the suspense and difficulty of a quiz show. Although it did not become a long-standing classic, its contribution to the evolution of game show concepts is noteworthy.

In conclusion, “Blackout” stands as a memorable and innovative British game show that introduced a unique twist to the quiz format. Hosted by Eamonn Holmes, the show’s legacy is marked by its inventive use of darkness, providing a distinctive and challenging experience for contestants and leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of game shows.