Blind Date

Hosted by Cilla Black, Paul O’Grady

Blind Date


“Blind Date” is a British dating game show that captured the hearts of viewers with its lighthearted and entertaining format. Premiering in 1985, the show featured a single contestant choosing a date from three hidden suitors based on their responses to a series of questions. Hosted by the charismatic Cilla Black, “Blind Date” became a beloved classic, blending romance, humor, and the thrill of unexpected connections.


The origins of “Blind Date” can be traced to the concept of introducing an element of mystery and surprise into the dating game show genre. The show emerged at a time when dating shows were gaining popularity, and “Blind Date” distinguished itself by incorporating the element of anonymity. Contestants had the opportunity to choose a potential partner based on personality rather than physical appearance.

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“Blind Date” featured a single contestant, often referred to as the “picker,” who questioned three hidden suitors. The suitors, concealed behind a screen, answered the picker’s questions without revealing their identities. The picker then chose a date based solely on the suitors’ responses. The big reveal followed, as the chosen contestant met the picker face-to-face for the first time.

Cilla Black, with her warmth and wit, played a crucial role in guiding the contestants through the process. Her catchphrase “Lorra, lorra laughs” became synonymous with the show’s fun and upbeat atmosphere.

Blind Date

Legacy and Impact:

“Blind Date” left an indelible mark on the dating game show genre, becoming a cultural phenomenon in the UK. The show’s success can be attributed to its innovative format, which focused on personality rather than physical appearance. “Blind Date” showcased the potential for genuine connections to emerge when individuals were allowed to look beyond the surface.

The impact of “Blind Date” extends beyond its original run, as the show paved the way for numerous dating programs that adopted similar concepts worldwide. The combination of romance, humor, and the element of surprise has become a tried-and-true formula in the dating show genre, with “Blind Date” as a trailblazer.

In conclusion, “Blind Date” remains a cherished classic that redefined the dating game show landscape. Hosted by Cilla Black, the show’s legacy is marked by its enduring popularity, cultural impact, and the joy it brought to audiences by showcasing the magic of unexpected connections and the thrill of love unfolding onscreen.