Bob Says Opportunity Knocks

Hosted by Bob Monkhouse

Bob Says Opportunity Knocks


“Bob Says Opportunity Knocks” was a British television talent show that made its debut in 1956. Hosted by the legendary Bob Monkhouse, the show became a significant platform for aspiring performers to showcase their talents. The format featured a mix of competitions, audience voting, and the host’s charismatic commentary, making it a popular and enduring program for several decades.


The origins of “Bob Says Opportunity Knocks” can be traced back to the mid-20th century when television was emerging as a powerful medium for entertainment. The show was conceived as a talent competition, providing a platform for individuals with various skills and abilities to display their talents to a national audience. Bob Monkhouse’s role as host added a touch of charm and wit to the proceedings.

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The gameplay of “Bob Says Opportunity Knocks” centered around contestants, often individuals or groups with unique talents, competing for the opportunity to advance in the entertainment industry. Contestants would perform their acts, and the studio audience would vote for their favorites. The host, Bob Monkhouse, played a pivotal role in guiding the contestants through the process, offering commentary and engaging with the audience.

The show’s format evolved over the years, adapting to changing tastes and television trends. However, its core premise of providing a platform for undiscovered talent remained a constant. Contestants who received the most votes had the chance to progress in the competition, potentially opening doors to a career in show business.

Bob Says Opportunity Knocks

Legacy and Impact:

“Bob Says Opportunity Knocks” left a lasting legacy in the realm of British television talent shows. The show’s enduring popularity can be attributed to its genuine celebration of talent, the affable hosting of Bob Monkhouse, and its role in launching the careers of numerous entertainers. The phrase “Opportunity Knocks” became synonymous with the show’s theme of providing opportunities for aspiring artists.

The impact of the show extends beyond its original run, influencing subsequent talent competitions and contributing to the cultural fabric of televised entertainment in the UK. “Bob Says Opportunity Knocks” showcased the diversity of talent within the British population and demonstrated the power of television in shaping the careers of emerging artists.

In conclusion, “Bob Says Opportunity Knocks” stands as a hallmark talent show in British television history. Hosted by Bob Monkhouse, the show’s legacy is marked by its role in discovering and promoting talent, its enduring popularity, and its contribution to the evolution of talent competitions in the UK.