Bob's Full House

Hosted by Bob Monkhouse

Bob's Full House


“Bob’s Full House” was a British television game show that graced screens in the 1980s, providing viewers with a blend of quiz challenges, entertainment, and bingo-inspired excitement. Hosted by the charismatic Bob Monkhouse, the show premiered in 1984 and quickly became a favorite due to its unique format and the engaging presence of its host.


The origin of “Bob’s Full House” lies in the creative exploration of game show formats in the 1980s. The show combined elements of traditional bingo with quiz questions, offering contestants and viewers a dynamic and entertaining experience. Bob Monkhouse’s role as the host added a layer of wit and charm, contributing to the show’s appeal.

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“Bob’s Full House” featured a format that incorporated elements of both bingo and a traditional quiz show. Contestants played a game of bingo while answering general knowledge questions posed by Bob Monkhouse. The objective was to complete a full house on their bingo card by correctly answering questions.

The show’s distinctive feature was the use of oversized bingo cards, adding a visual spectacle to the proceedings. 

Bob's Full House

Contestants competed for prizes, and the show’s structure allowed for a mix of quiz challenges, audience participation, and the anticipation of completing a full house on the bingo card.

Legacy and Impact:

“Bob’s Full House” left a mark on the landscape of British game shows, offering a unique blend of gaming elements and quiz challenges. The show’s legacy is tied to its inventive format, the energetic hosting of Bob Monkhouse, and its ability to captivate audiences with a mix of entertainment and excitement.

While the show had a relatively short run, its impact is evident in its contribution to the diversity of game show formats. “Bob’s Full House” showcased the adaptability of traditional games like bingo when infused with quiz elements, and its influence can be seen in subsequent game shows that experimented with creative combinations.

In conclusion, “Bob’s Full House” stands as a testament to the creativity of game show producers in the 1980s. Hosted by Bob Monkhouse, the show’s legacy is marked by its distinctive format, the engaging interaction between the host and contestants, and its contribution to the evolution of game show concepts in the UK.