But Can They Sing?

Hosted by Ahmet Zappa

But Can They Sing?


“But Can They Sing?” was a reality television series that brought together celebrities from various fields to showcase their vocal talents. Hosted by Ahmet Zappa, the show provided a platform for well-known personalities to step outside their comfort zones and demonstrate their singing abilities. Premiering in 2005, the series added a musical twist to the reality TV genre.


The origin of “But Can They Sing?” lies in the concept of celebrities taking on the challenge of singing, a departure from their usual professional domains. The show aimed to entertain audiences by unveiling hidden talents of well-known personalities. Ahmet Zappa served as the host, guiding the celebrities through their musical journeys.

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While not a traditional game show, “But Can They Sing?” featured a competitive element as celebrities competed against each other to demonstrate their singing prowess. The format included performances by each celebrity, with judges and audience feedback influencing their progress. The show aimed to showcase the celebrities’ vocal abilities while entertaining viewers with unexpected musical talents.

Celebrities received critiques and scores from a panel of judges, adding a competitive edge to the series. The format allowed the audience to witness the growth and development of the celebrities as they tackled various musical genres and challenges. The culmination of each episode typically involved eliminations based on performance evaluations.

But Can They Sing?

Legacy and Impact:

“But Can They Sing?” contributed to the trend of reality shows featuring celebrities stepping into unfamiliar territories. While not as enduring as some other reality TV formats, the show left an impact by revealing a different side of well-known figures and providing entertainment through unexpected musical performances.

The series highlighted the versatility of celebrities beyond their established careers, creating moments of surprise and delight for viewers. Though it did not have a prolonged legacy, “But Can They Sing?” is remembered for its unique concept and the exploration of celebrities’ hidden talents in the realm of music.

In conclusion, “But Can They Sing?” offered a distinctive twist on reality television, bringing celebrities into the musical spotlight. Hosted by Ahmet Zappa, the show provided a platform for unexpected talents to emerge, showcasing a different side of well-known personalities. While its impact may not be as enduring as some other reality shows, it remains a notable experiment in blending celebrity culture with musical performances.