Hosted by Annie Wood



“Bzzz!” was a comedic American dating game show that aired in the late 1990s. Hosted by Annie Wood, the show introduced a humorous twist to the traditional dating format, incorporating quirky challenges and comedic elements. Premiering in 1996, “Bzzz!” offered a lighthearted and entertaining take on the search for love.


The origin of “Bzzz!” can be traced to the desire to infuse the dating game show genre with humor and unconventional challenges. Host Annie Wood brought her comedic talents to the show, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere for contestants and viewers alike. The show’s unique approach to matchmaking set it apart from other dating shows of its time.

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“Bzzz!” featured a playful and unconventional approach to dating game show gameplay. The show began with a single contestant, known as the “picker,” who was seated in a chair facing a screen. Behind the screen were three potential suitors, each represented by a silhouette and a buzzer sound.

As the “picker” asked questions and engaged in banter with the suitors, they would respond with humorous and often outlandish answers. The “picker” then had the task of eliminating one suitor at a time based on their responses, ultimately choosing one to go on a date with.


Throughout the show, comedic elements and quirky challenges added to the entertainment value, creating a fun and light-hearted atmosphere for both contestants and viewers.

Legacy and Impact:

“Bzzz!” left a lasting impact as a memorable and distinctive entry in the dating game show genre. Its blend of humor, unconventional challenges, and comedic hosting set it apart from other shows of its kind. While it may not have achieved the same level of longevity as some other dating shows, “Bzzz!” is remembered fondly for its unique approach to matchmaking and its ability to entertain audiences with its comedic elements.

In conclusion, “Bzzz!” offered a refreshing and comedic take on the dating game show format. Hosted by Annie Wood, the show introduced a playful atmosphere and unconventional challenges that set it apart from its counterparts. Though its run was relatively short-lived, “Bzzz!” remains a memorable and beloved part of the dating game show landscape.