Campus Hoopla

Hosted by Eva Marie Saint, Bob Haymes

Campus Hoopla


“Campus Hoopla” was an American game show that graced the NBC Television network from December 27, 1946, to December 12, 1947. Hosted by Bob Haymes, the show presented a unique blend of sports and variety, creating a lively and youthful atmosphere set in a soda shop. With a cast featuring sports reporter Bob Stanton, commercial spokeswoman Eva Marie Saint, and soda shop dancer Carleton Carpenter, the program aimed to engage teenagers with discussions about sports, music, dance, and quizzes.


The origins of “Campus Hoopla” can be traced to the post-World War II era when television was still in its early stages. The show emerged as a combination sports/variety program targeted specifically at teenagers. The soda shop setting, complete with cheerleaders and students, provided a dynamic backdrop for the program’s diverse segments.

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“Campus Hoopla” stood out for its unique format that seamlessly blended sports commentary with lively variety show elements. Bob Stanton, an NBC sportscaster, narrated the sports segment, providing up-to-date scores and incorporating film footage from recent games. The soda shop ambiance served as a hub for discussions about sports, musical performances, dances set to tunes from a jukebox, and interactive quizzes.

The program’s diverse content aimed to capture the attention of its teenage audience, offering a mix of entertainment and information. The engaging format highlighted the vibrant and energetic atmosphere of the soda shop, creating a distinct identity for “Campus Hoopla.”


Legacy and Impact:

Although “Campus Hoopla” is no longer on the air, its legacy is preserved in segments of live TV broadcasts from 1947. These recordings, housed in the Hubert Chain Collection at the Library of Congress, provide a valuable snapshot of the era’s soda shop ambiance, sports enthusiasm, and the unique blend of entertainment tailored for teenagers.

The show’s impact can be seen in its pioneering approach to combining sports and variety elements on television, catering specifically to a teenage audience. “Campus Hoopla” paved the way for future programs that sought to engage younger viewers with dynamic and multi-faceted content.

In conclusion, “Campus Hoopla” holds a special place in the history of early American television, showcasing an innovative blend of sports and variety in a soda shop setting. Hosted by Bob Haymes and featuring a diverse cast, the program left a lasting legacy through its preserved recordings, offering a nostalgic glimpse into the spirited entertainment of the post-World War II era.