Dale's Supermarket Sweep

Hosted by Dale Winton

Dale's Supermarket Sweep​


“Dale’s Supermarket Sweep” was a British television game show hosted by the affable Dale Winton. Premiering in 1993, the show quickly became a beloved fixture in the world of daytime television, captivating audiences with its high-energy gameplay and entertaining challenges. With Dale Winton’s infectious enthusiasm at the helm, “Dale’s Supermarket Sweep” offered contestants and viewers alike an exhilarating and memorable experience.


The concept of “Dale’s Supermarket Sweep” originated in the United States, where it debuted in 1965 as “Supermarket Sweep.” The British adaptation, hosted by Dale Winton, premiered on ITV and was produced by Fremantle. The show’s format centered around a simulated supermarket, where contestants competed in various challenges and games to win prizes. Dale Winton’s charismatic hosting style and the show’s fast-paced gameplay made it an instant hit among British audiences.

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In “Dale’s Supermarket Sweep,” contestants competed in teams of two to answer questions and participate in various challenges, all set within the confines of a mock supermarket. The show featured a range of entertaining games and tasks, including racing through aisles to collect specific items, solving riddles to earn bonus points, and competing in mini-games to boost their overall score.

Dale's Supermarket Sweep​

The highlight of each episode was the “Big Sweep,” where contestants raced through the supermarket aisles with shopping carts, frantically grabbing as many high-value items as possible within a time limit. The team with the highest total value of items at the end of the “Big Sweep” won the opportunity to compete in the final round for a chance to win additional prizes.

Legacy and Impact:

“Dale’s Supermarket Sweep” enjoyed widespread popularity and became a cultural phenomenon during its run on British television. The show’s fast-paced gameplay, entertaining challenges, and Dale Winton’s charismatic presence made it a favorite among audiences of all ages. Its enduring legacy is evident in its continued popularity through reruns and nostalgia-driven revivals.

Moreover, “Dale’s Supermarket Sweep” inspired various adaptations and spin-offs, both in the UK and internationally. The show’s concept of combining quiz elements with physical challenges set in a supermarket environment proved to be a winning formula, captivating audiences worldwide. Its influence can be seen in subsequent game shows and reality competitions that feature similar formats and themes.

In conclusion, “Dale’s Supermarket Sweep” remains a beloved and iconic television game show, remembered fondly for its entertaining gameplay and Dale Winton’s charismatic hosting. With its energetic challenges and memorable moments, the show left an indelible mark on British television, earning its place as a timeless classic in the hearts of viewers.