Dealer's Choice

Hosted by Bob Hastings, Jack Clark, Jane Nelson


“Dealer’s Choice” was an American television game show that aired from 1974 to 1975. Hosted by Bob Hastings, Jack Clark, and Jane Nelson, the show offered contestants and viewers an engaging mix of trivia questions, challenges, and strategic decision-making. With its unique format and dynamic hosting team, “Dealer’s Choice” provided audiences with an entertaining and suspenseful game show experience.


“Dealer’s Choice” emerged during the 1970s as part of the wave of innovative game show formats that captivated television audiences. Produced by Heatter-Quigley Productions, the show debuted on NBC and quickly gained popularity for its blend of trivia, strategy, and chance. Hosted by a rotating team of hosts, including Bob Hastings, Jack Clark, and Jane Nelson, “Dealer’s Choice” showcased a diverse range of challenges and gameplay elements designed to keep contestants and viewers on their toes.

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In “Dealer’s Choice,” contestants faced a series of trivia questions and challenges, with the opportunity to accumulate points or prizes based on their performance. The show featured a mix of traditional trivia rounds, where contestants competed to answer questions correctly, and strategic decision-making segments, where they had to choose between various options to maximize their potential rewards.

One of the show’s unique features was its “Dealer’s Board,” which presented contestants with a grid of numbers or symbols, each corresponding to a different prize or outcome. 

Contestants could select numbers from the board in hopes of uncovering valuable prizes or avoiding penalties. The element of chance added an exciting dimension to the gameplay, keeping contestants and viewers engaged throughout the show.

Legacy and Impact:

“Dealer’s Choice” enjoyed a successful run on American television during its brief tenure, earning praise for its innovative format and dynamic hosting team. The show’s combination of trivia, strategy, and chance appealed to audiences looking for a fresh and engaging game show experience. Hosts Bob Hastings, Jack Clark, and Jane Nelson brought their own unique personalities and energy to the show, contributing to its overall appeal and entertainment value.

While “Dealer’s Choice” may not have achieved the same level of lasting recognition as some other game shows of its era, it remains fondly remembered by those who enjoyed its fast-paced gameplay and entertaining challenges. Its legacy lives on through its influence on subsequent game show formats and its contribution to the rich tapestry of television entertainment.

In conclusion, “Dealer’s Choice” stands as a testament to the creativity and innovation of television game shows during the 1970s. Hosted by Bob Hastings, Jack Clark, and Jane Nelson, the show provided contestants and viewers with an exciting mix of trivia, strategy, and chance, making it a memorable and enjoyable entry in the genre. While its run may have been relatively short-lived, “Dealer’s Choice” remains a beloved favorite among fans of classic game shows, showcasing the enduring appeal of innovative and engaging television programming.